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Malaysian Street Food Experience

In Malaysia, eating is a favourite pastime. There are no two ways to do that. Anyone who deserves the salt can enthusiastically explain where and where to get the best food of any kind and when it's best to get it. Curiously, Malaysians generally do not follow strict rules about what kind of food to eat and when.

For example, if you want to eat elaborate delicacies such as Soto, Crispy Seaweed, Spare Ribs, Gado-Gado, Seafood Noodle soup, Laksa, Tampura Mix, Congee, Crispy Duck, Beef Udon at breakfast, do it without a batting partner. Before saying "Elevenses"-Lunchtime starts at 11:30, but lunchtime crowds have already stopped by food stalls and restaurants at this point.

Start feeling hungry and need a sugar boost around 3 or 4 pm. You can find plenty of Kuih (sweet and tasty, traditional Malaysian or Nyonya pies), Platter, Beef Ho fun, Curry Beed, Chicken Curry, Prawn, Roast duck, Lemon chicken and many more in great food stalls. We will gladly provide you with cendol and more. The choices are endless without being shy!

Laska Restaurant Clerkenwell - Malaysian street food


Everything we know about cooking is learned from our ancestors using recipes passed down to our family for generations. In some cases, the recipe was modified and adjusted to match the fresh seasonal ingredients available at the time.

Even today, we love to use the entire process of mastering ancient cooking recipes, food knowledge, creativity and innovation. Especially if some essential ingredients are not readily available here in London, it's the most rewarding feeling to know that Laksa has given traditional dishes the justice they deserve in terms of taste, sight and smell. Significantly, when changing the ingredients, it was the order of the day!

Cooking for our customers brings great satisfaction, knowing that everyone at the party is having a lot of fun! All you need to see is a happy smile and what's inside after eating the last bite.

This is the proof we are looking for in Laksa, a happy and satisfying face and clean food. Authentic Malaysian food is unsophisticated or, dare to say, not exaggerated and uplifting. It is healthy, fulfilling and nutritious home-cooked dish that can only be truly enjoyed if cooked with love and care.

Laksa invites you to have a relaxed atmosphere, unique charm and hospitality. And above all for the authentic taste of the food of our ancestors.


Malaysian food is the ultimate fusion food. Think of big and bold flavours, complex spice combinations, and, of course, the hot chili sauce sambal that accompanies almost every dish we have.

Malaysian food is influenced by Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Tamil, Indian, Portuguese, and Javanese, to name a few. Throughout history, these communities have generally begun migrating to Malaysia for geographical benefits and financial opportunities. In return, ingredients such as cardamom and peanuts have been flavoured in combination with local Malaysian produce.

We want everyone who visits Laksa to have a unique and original experience. To provide every customer with outstanding personalised service. Innovation, enthusiasm, forgiveness, and respect are the cornerstones of our day-to-day performance.

Laksa Aim

To satisfy the nostalgic desire for delicious Malaysian food and share the food they love in Clerkenwell London.

Laska Mission

We hope you will come to Laksa for years and have a taste of it. We want to recreate Malaysia's same sights, sounds, and tastes while providing a homely feel to Malaysian expatriates. We are your best secret.